We need and appreciate Volunteers! Here’s some reasons to volunteer now!

Nifty Thrifty Shelton is looking for volunteers, in any and all areas of the store.

Here are a few reasons for you to volunteer:

  • Support a good cause – all proceeds benefit the Mason County Senior Activities Association & the Senior Center at the Pavilion
  • Build experience — you can fill in that blank on your resume
  • Earn School credits
  • Benefit from Job Training
  • Get store discounts
  • Make lifelong friends
  • Enjoy great potlucks too!
  • One more reason: because we’re asking you to. Please – we really do need volunteers. Thank you!

Support the Shop that Supports Your Community!


Nifty Thrifty helps. We help, and to help more we could really use your help! Shop, donate & volunteer!

You probably already know Nifty Thrifty helps the Senior Activities Center, who provides activities, community support and low-income lunches and more for local seniors.

It goes beyond that. Nifty Thrifty helps those in need (of any age) when it can.

When you shop, donate or volunteer at Nifty Thrifty, what you give goes a long way toward helping others in need.

“We support the Back to School Jamboree to help children of low income families. We help the homeless center. We provide free interview clothes to Northwest Resources Drug Treatment, which can give people a fresh start.

Nifty Thrifty also helps families recover from tragedies such as house fires to start fresh, with gift certificates.”

Nifty Thrifty on eBay!

Don’t hesitate to donate those specialized, high-end items to Nifty Thrifty. You can also purchase select items from Nifty Thrifty that way!

Nifty Thrifty sells high value books, jewelry and collectibles that ship well on eBay. The customer pays all the fees and insurance, and the store can ask a much higher price on the items.

It is easier and faster for us to reach collectors through online sales than to wait for the certain person to come into the store. Online sales allow Nifty Thrifty to reach buyers all over the United States. We have sold items from Lacey to New York. You can view Nifty Thrifty’s eBay items by searching for the seller ID niftythriftythriftstore1 on eBay.

Rest assured, if eBay is the right place to maximize the donation value of your item, it will be auctioned off there.

With your donations and our efforts, we are working together to support the Mason County Senior Activities center.

Thank you again for your donations!