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Mason County’s First Thrift Store – 25+ Years!
 Located in Downtown Shelton at 826 Railroad Avenue
Nifty Thrifty is the primary funding source for the Mason County Senior Activities Association, which owns & operates the Mason County Senior Activities Center.

Voted the Best Thrift Store in Shelton for 2015 & 2016!
Home of Reda Keller, who was voted the Best Salesperson in Shelton for 2016!
Store Hours
Open Mon-Fri, 9:30-5:30
Saturday, 10-5

Quality donations are gladly accepted:

9:30am-4:30pm Monday-Friday, and 9:30am-4:00pm Saturdays.

In some cases, a free pick-up can be arranged. Please do not drop off donations any other times because they cannot be properly processed and protected from the weather.


Volunteer! Call 360-427-0858 today!

Shop anytime on eBay with seller ID niftythriftythriftstore1 (MCSAC in store discounts and other Nifty Thrifty Store price reductions are not valid for eBay merchandise)

Store Director Michelle Marks leads a staff of four dedicated “Thrift Specialists.” Many volunteers support Michelle and her staff. With so much about Nifty Thrifty being new and exciting this year, more volunteers are always welcome. You can email Michelle at

The Nifty Thrifty store was conceived by the Mason County Senior Activities Association (MCSAA) in 1988 to provide an on-going revenue source so the Mason County Senior Activities Center could be self-funding. Hattie and John Luhm championed the idea with the help of MCSAA Board President Lou Redman and Center Director Marge Emsley-Brown.

Nifty Thrifty remains the major funding source of MCSAA to this day. After 25 years, the store relocated in September 2013 to the former Activities Center building at 826 W. Railroad Avenue.
Expanding Opportunities
Nifty Thrifty is increasing it’s sales using eBay! “Even though we talked about selling on eBay for some time, it took courage to take the plunge.” said Nifty Thrifty Store Director Michelle Marks. “We started selling full tilt in November 2015 and have sold 33 items to date totaling more than $2,500,” she added.
Nifty Thrifty sells high value books, jewelry and collectibles that ship well on eBay. The customer pays all the fees and insurance, and the store can ask a much higher price on the items. After researching the safety of online sales, Marks felt confident to move forward with it.
“We receive quite a few items that can’t be put on the sales floor due to limited locking display areas and we have a better audience through eBay,” explained Marks. “It is easier and faster for us to reach collectors through online sales than to wait for the certain person to come into the store. Online sales allow Nifty Thrifty to reach buyers all over the United States. We have sold items from Lacey to New York,” she added. You can view Nifty Thrifty’s eBay items by searching for the seller ID niftythriftythriftstore1 on eBay.


PUNCH CARDS – Grab ’em & save MORE!

You get punches with purchases over $10. Get 25% off your next purchase of any item with your full punch card of 10 Punches!

TUESDAY is SENIOR DAY – Double Punches!


I was kind of broke (let’s be honest, when am I not broke!) and needed a good suit jacket. I was looking for one at Nifty Thrifty, and one of the volunteers there helped me find a great one in a whole different area than where I was looking. It fits great, looks great and I got a great deal!

I Love Nifty Thrifty!

–Dave, Shelton

Nifty Thrifty has great deals on Suits!

In my visits to Nifty Thrifty, I’ve noticed that the managers and volunteers are very helpful and friendly. If ever you were looking for a great place to build up your work skills, experience, resume and references – Nifty Thrifty is a great place!

Helpful Volunteers