Thank you, Shoppers!

Your neighbors and friends – the staff and volunteers at Nifty Thrifty, and the Mason County Senior Activities Center your donations and purchases support – would like to thank each and every one of you for supporting your favorite thrift store.

Sales are up!

That said…

We need more donations!

We also appreciate, and need more volunteers!

Thank you again.

January 2020 at Nifty Thrifty Shelton

Christmas items are 90% off – come early for best selection. There’s a lot but it will go fast!

It’s cold outside! Come in and get warm while you shop for warm stuff! We have a good selection of coats, sweaters etc.

Special request: donations of SOCKS are currently needed. We also need more VHS tapes, and music CDs. Thank you in advance for all donations!

Vintage linens are available now. These are sought-after items. Remember, come early for best selection!

Nifty Thrifty Shelton has tons of Clothing. Come take a look, and try a few things on. We probably have something that’s perfect for you!

Volunteers are needed and always appreciated for more information, please talk to Michelle.

Nifty Thrifty Shelton is proud to have again been voted Best Thrift Store in Shelton and Mason County in the Shelton-Mason County Journal readers’ poll. We were also voted best Antique Store, and Reda was again voted Best Volunteer. Thank you for voting for us, we will continue our efforts to earn your votes.

October 2019 at Nifty Thrifty

Fall is in the air and the inventory at Nifty Thrifty is ready for your needs!

Get ready for hunting, hiking or fishing with our great selection of flannels and winter coats.

Stumped for Halloween? Nifty has plenty of great decorations, costumes and ideas for you.

And as always, you’ll save a ton of money.

It’s not too early to begin thinking about Christmas, so we’ve put some of that inventory on display for you too.

Remember, that item that catches your eye today could be gone tomorrow!

Thank you for shopping, donating and as always thank you to our amazing volunteers.

One more special note: A while back, we asked for extra donations of DVDs, CDs, VHS tapes, cassettes, and books because at that time our inventory was a bit low in those areas. We asked and you answered, and now our selection is much better. Thank you for your donations, they make shopping at Nifty Thrifty a wonderful, affordable and unique experience and of course, you are supporting the Mason County Senior Activities Center – a worthy cause!

Stay warm, be safe and have fun everyone. We look forward to seeing you all!



Your friends at Nifty Thrifty Shelton




September at Nifty – Storewide 50% off Sale 9/7 and more!

Nifty Thrifty Shelton’s Semi Annual Sale is Saturday, 9/7/2019. 
Donations are up this year, so Nifty’s selection is great and everything is priced to move already – even BEFORE this incredible 50% off storewide sale.
Don’t miss it!

All during the month of September, summer things are on sale, so even if you miss the Semi-Annual Sale, come check out the great deals on bathing suits, Hawaiian shirts, shorts, capris and more. Again, we have a wonderful influx of inventory, so there’s a great selection!

Check out our Halloween and Fall decorations, they should be coming out the first part of September. This is a great time to buy our hunting wear, flannels and winter jackets – just ahead of the cooler weather.

It’s also FOOTBALL season again, and yes we have SEAHAWKS items!

Again, a special thank you to all donors, we are delighted to have such wonderful inventory for our valued customers. When shopping, remember if you see it today it might be gone tomorrow – we are a very busy thrift shop and have developed a regional draw. 

Volunteers are very much needed and appreciated. Thank you, volunteers – the gift of your time and energy supports the Mason County Senior Activities Association.

We welcome any and all volunteers and would especially love to have a volunteer who knows jewelry. Please ask for Michelle.